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PulseR Power Inductors
MIL-STD-1553 Interface Transformers/Data Bus Couplers
Ethernet Transformers (AFDX/ARINC664)
Signal -Balun Adapters (SMPTE-292)
Power Transformers for Military Space Application -Small < 8W
Copperhead ® Fibre Channel, IEEE Firewire
Power Current Sense Transformers
Power - Transformers Large 8W > Above

Commercial Aerospace Avionics

PulseR, LLC has a complete product line of magnetics solutions to support avionics suppliers to major aircraft & helicopters and drone manufacturers. Signal & power products support vital flight functions including but not limited to actuator & navigation systems, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), engine controls, cockpit displays as well as growing entertainment and in-cabin power supply offering.

The team has the expertise to ensure product compliance with requisite Boeing & Airbus standards, providing customers with the highest reliability solutions and confidence in products.

PulseR owns AS9100 certified manufacturing facilities located in Bristol, PA and Chang An, China, can support deliveries from low to high volume production.